A total of 23 achievements are available in the game, which are gained by finding secrets, interacting with NPCs, or simply progressing in the game.

Was it... just a dream? Edit

"Wake up." Found by completing the opening cutscene.

Video Games Edit

"Another escape from reality." Found by playing Super NASU.

Blood Edit

"It's just for self defense." Found by obtaining the Knife Effect.

Music Edit

"Back to school." Found by obtaining the Flute Effect.

Remorse Edit

"Why did you do it?" Found by stabbing and killing Onsen-san.

Sight Edit

"No stone unturned." Found by obtaining the Hamsa Effect.

Lucidity Edit

'A slimy friend." Found by locating a Jellyfish.

Distrust Edit

"Find a resting place in the middle of the dark." Found by finishing the mannequin level.

False Appearances Edit

"Meet a mysterious blonde girl." Found by flickering the lights in Poniko's Room.

Doomed Edit

"Play along with a lonely child." Found by leaving the Bed Room that Monoko resides in.

Rain Edit

"Don't get wet." Found by obtaining the Umbrella Effect.

Primal Edit

"Reach a bed of flowers on top of a pyramid." Found by completing the slate puzzle.

Survivor Edit

"Take me out of here!" Found by completing one round of Ao Oni.

Deep Dream Edit

"Too young for this." Found by completing the Red School puzzle.

Not So Innocent Edit

"I didn't mean it!" Found by attacking a harmless NPC.

Correlations Edit

"Stare at the vast universe." Found by watching the night sky along with the Maussan Bros.

Light Edit

"Afraid of the dark." Found by obtaining the Lamp Effect.

Wake Up Edit

"A new day begins." Found by completing the normal ending.(?)

Inner Fears Edit

"Escape from your fears." Found by completing the normal ending.

Dream Layers Edit

"Group hug." Found by locating all the Jellyfish.

The Dream Goes On Edit

"It's so cozy" Found by completing the Secret Ending.

Arcade Master Edit

"Shutting out the world." Found by getting 5,000 points in Super NASU

Lucid Dreams Edit

"All wrapped up." Found by collecting all the collectibles in the game.