While exploring the dream world, Madotsuki will occasionally come across events activated either by a specific trigger or a random chance. Encountering them is not required to complete the game.

Room (Dream)Edit

Bathroom MadotsukiEdit


Madotsuki sees her ghost.

  • Prompt: Random chance when loading the room.
  • Description: Head towards the bathroom and Madotsuki will see herself inside. The lights will flicker and it will disappear as you approach.

Original Yume NikkiEdit

  • Prompt: Random chance when loading the room.
  • Description: There's a small chance Madotsuki's dream bedroom will appear in the style of the original game. It will end after you enter the Nexus.


  • Prompt: Random chance when turning on the TV while in the Original Yume Nikki event.
  • Description: An event within an event, you have to have the original Yume Nikki event active. Then, try switching the TV off and on for a random chance for the KALIMBA event to happen. KALIMBA first appeared in the original game.




Onsen-san bathing in a house.

  • Prompt: Trigger the window at the Hot Spring House.
  • Description: Go right, then down in the Wilderness Maze. The Hot Spring House's door will be locked, so look inside the window instead to spot Onsen-san. He will only appear if you have yet to get the Knife effect.

Rave Aztec MonkeyEdit


Rave Aztec Monkey

  • Prompt: Trigger the glowing box in the Boxes section.
  • Description: Go down, then right in the Wilderness Maze. Click the colorful, glowing box and the Rave Monkey event will play, making a reappearance from the original game.

One Minute StairsEdit

Falling PeopleEdit

  • Prompt: Random chance.
  • Description: Like the original game, you have a random chance of seeing a falling man in the sky while using the stairs.

Stairs UFOEdit


Another UFO encounter.

  • Prompt: Random chance.
  • Description: Alternatively, you can encounter a UFO flying in the air on the stairs.

Pink SeaEdit


  • Prompt: Random chance of appearing when turning off the light.
  • Description: A random event which might happen if you flicker the lights in Poniko's Room. Unlike the original game, the room will completely go dark and you will hear heavy breathing. If you head into the dark, a jump scare will happen and Madotsuki will wake up.