Madotsuki's Room is the only place you can go in real life, as she cannot exit her door. It is similar to the original game in that it has a TV, game console, bed and balcony. The only difference is that there is a table with some dishes on it. The game console only has one game, Super Nasu. The TV has no cable. Going to sleep takes you to the dream balcony.

The dream room looks nearly the same (if not cleaner the later in the game you are), and the game console doesn't disappear, unlike the original, allowing you to play the Ao Oni minigame. You can enter the Nexus through the door on the left, which Madotsuki refuses to go through while she's awake.

Trivia Edit

  • There is a small chance that, once you enter the dream world, you appear on the balcony, but in the original Yume Nikki's style. Everything is identical to the original until you enter the Nexus, which appears normally.