The Shotengai is one of the 7 areas directly accessed from the Nexus.

A Jellyfish can be found right at the beginning, when turning left.

The following maps feature enemies like Eyeballs, a stealth segment with Alley Demons, a chase by the Shadow Monster as well as two Hands grabbing what's in front of them.

The last danger starts with Pissipissini running out of a darker lane and you'll have to run away from what's pretty much an avalanche of Eyeballs. The exit is a door leading to the Slaughter House.



The Sewer Drawings in the Shotengai

  • On the road where you run away from the Eyeballs, the original Sewer Drawings are decorating the background.
  • A shotengai is a certain type of Japanese commercial district that runs along a street.
  • Originally, the manhole cover connected to Pirori Village's well. This was changed with version 2.0, where it would now lead to the Sewers